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At NetKey Media, we see live TV as an opportunity to advertise where people are already looking. Clients seek our expertise to create innovative television based cloud advertising, providing lasting impressions and memorable experiences.

NetKey Media & TV Cloud Advertising

Television Cloud Advertising is our specialty. Providing reliable software and hardware solutions specifically designed and developed for each of our individual clients' needs.

What is Televison Cloud Advertising?

A unique media opportunity; a new way of connecting with your audiences that used to be only affordable to large corporations. Television Cloud Advertising merges video, graphics and live television; for advertising where your customers are already looking. It is interactive, responsive and updates automatically.


Recall rate of our ads by customers.

of 10

People see digital ads per week.


More views than static advertising.

in 5

People make unplanned purchases after seeing our digital ads.

NetKey Media Features

NetKey Media offers a wide set of powerful features designed to unlock the true power of advertising with live television. With two decades of in house digital experience, we have everything you need to make your existing television setup earn you sales.

Creative Content

With our full creative and development teams at you disposal, we can work collaboratively to bring your vision for a digital advertisment to life.

Zone Integration

Play a campaign using your existing television set up, adding advertising to live tv per zone. Customize it with as many zones as you want.

Real Time Monitoring

Get a detailed report confirming each and every time a campaign has been played back. If any issue should arise, immediate action can be taken.

Income Potential

Advertising space can be sold to manufacturers, suppliers, local small businesses, etc. The more advertising space sold, the more profits for you.

Campaign Scheduling

Schedule and publish your advertisements in any way you wish: by date, day of the week or location.

Social Integration

Enhance your campaign with the voice of the consumer. We’ll help you to easily integrate user generated content and amplify your audience.

The NetKey Media Three Step Process

Below are the three easy steps to get set up with NetKey Media's Television Cloud Advertising Platform.


Using your current televisions and digital set up, we will install our NetKey Media player.


Our design team will sit down with you and construct optimized visuals to get your message out effectively.


After you give the thumbs up, we will publish content instantly to your network of screens.

See what people say about us!

  • "NetKey Media takes the time to explain each step of the process so I was never out of the loop. Their solution is actually profitable for me now, as I earn income on selling my ad space. I refer them as a Point of Sale solution to all my small business friends."

    Bart Bahth, Owner of London Bath Centre

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